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Here are just a few of the comments and notes we have received from happy customers. Remember, True Creations offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will repair or replace damaged drop spindle shafts when dogs eat them, or they get sat on, or stepped on, or…, or…, or….   another benefit of our design and manufacturing process. 


Beautiful! I was just plying with my yellow heart spindle this afternoon. It has the longest spin. I could be on my rooftop and it would still be spinning when it touches the ground.  Lisa B. – June 30

My kick spindle arrived safely yesterday (Sat., Sept. 16, Order #483). Even without a final coat of finish it is clearly a work of art. Your expertise and care as a woodworker is obvious. I am in awe of the workmanship, care and the planning which has gone into this exquisite tool.
My husband will advise me on choices of sandpaper, oils, etc., but I will do the final sanding and apply the final finish myself. I will keep you informed how it goes and send you a photo when completed. In that way, you can say that even a 76 year old great-grandmother (that’s me) can do it!  Blessings,  Cay – Sept 18

I think your kick spindle design is pure genius and should make a fabulous traveling spindle.  I am so glad that you make it out of American cherry and maple.  Both wonderful, beautiful woods.  I am excited to know that I can be a part of your current batch that you are assembling.  Terrific!  Susan K. – November 7

Oiled my kick spindle. Took it out for a test run today. Spins  beautifully. I love the relaxing sound of the yarn flicking off the tip of the spindle.  Thanks for bringing me a beautiful piece of fiber art equipment.  What a treasure to spin with!

 Rita N. – June 13

I know my sister will really appreciate it; as I mentioned, she was introducing me to spinning and used your Kick Spindle as the epitome of the art today.  She had quite a “presentation” though it was impromptu, and clearly had done a lot of “research” in arriving at her conclusion, so you bested a lot of competition.  Since this was “wishes and desires”, cost was not a factor, and the “competition” was based solely on the merits of your creation.

Bruce D. –  Dec 6

It arrived 🙂

    It’s beautiful 🙂

        I am so happy 🙂  
            Thank  You!

Shine ON*
   Katie H. – Toronto Dec 14

Drop Spindle pic on Ravelry – Dec 2013

re: Thanks for posting the True Creations spindle picture

Sent at 5:22 PM December 19, 2013

Oh no problem, i’m happy to help promote a good spindle when I find one! It is my favorite that I’ve used so far, and definitely my go-to spindle.

I didn’t know you were on Ravelry, glad you found me! 


I LOVE my new spindle!!! It is sooooo amazing!! I want to thank you so much.. I do believe I will have folks contacting you as well.. for ordering!! Thank you again.. I will video and take a photo of my spindle and send to you!

Good success continually to you!

Pat B. – MA  Feb 16

Dear Jim!!!

I am really very happy with this wheel.  It is extremely easy to spin on.. and Very relaxing as well!!

The spin lasts such a good long time…  I can even stand up to finish the draw.. and I am a tall one! 

Here are two photos..  I will take again with a better background.. but wanted to share the progress and the finished oiled spindle with you!

Pat B. – MA

Jim –

The Akha spindle is fantastic!  It is one of the best spindles I have EVER spun on for short staples.  I have been spinning a cashmere/silk blend on it and can’t believe how well it works! I have a picture on my phone.  Send me your phone number and I will forward you the pics!  You have to make more of these!

Ray R. – NY

June 13

Hi Jim, just thought I’d send this through to you for a bit of fun. With the kick spindle you are obviously not constrained by the size of the orifice on a traditional spinning wheel, so this is awesome for art yarns.


Andrea B – Australia


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