Spindle Gallery

Our Spindle Gallery

Welcome to the True Creations Spindle Gallery of our happily adopted drop spindles and products. Although all these have been sold, if you see a spindle or fiber tool that really talks to you, let us know.  If we can still source the wood, we will gladly try to recreate one just for you. This gallery is just a small sample of the 100’s of spindles we have produced over the last 15 years we have been manufacturing tools for fiber artists.

Our Spindle Designs

Each True Creations spindle is unique. Most have rim weighted whorls. You’ll see in our pictures if the wood is plain grained, like Yellowheart, then we like to turn details into the whorl. If the whorl wood has lots of figure and pronounced grain, like Zebrawood, then we like to turn a smooth profile. This lets the beauty of the wood stand out on the spindle.

Other Fiber Tools

This gallery also has images of our support spindles, orifice hooks, Dealgans, Turkish and Tibetan spindles.  We will be adding more images as time allows.

Share and Help Spread the Word

Please feel free to share, pin or just enjoy inspiration with these images.

Wholesale inquiries are always welcome. Let your favorite local fiber shop know about True Creations. We want to help them increase sales by being able to offer you fantastic drop spindles to buy.

Our main True Creations Woodturning web site is:  tcturning.com. There you will also learn about our custom woodturning services and woodturning school.