141106 Making drop spindle hooks

Yesterday, I ran out of hooks while I was making a batch of drop spindles for a customer. So, I had to clean up the wood chips and bring out the wire and forming tools. Here is how I make my hooks.

Making True Creations Spindle Hooks


  1. Get out the roll of stainless steel wire
  2. Straighten a couple feet of wire
  3. Grind the burr off the tip that is made when you cut the wire
    • This is a little detail but I feel it is important for a high quality spindle. Nobody likes to have a burr on the tip of their hooks that catches on their fiber.
  4. Form the hook
    • I like the shepherd crook shape. It is strong yet can be “tweaked” into position for centering the fiber
  5. Flatten the hook
  6. Cut off the hook
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 as many times needed

In a future blog, I’ll write about “tweaking your hooks”.

Happy spinning!